Examinations, age-appropriate diagnostic screening, vaccinations based on lifestyle, nutrition counseling, and preventative medicine for puppies/kittens, adults, seniors, and geriatric pets.


Examinations, appropriate diagnostics and treatment plans. If your pet’s issue is too significant to handle at your home, you will be referred to a local general or specialty veterinary practice for hospitalization and/or surgical needs.


Over the years I have found that families and pets are more comfortable and less stressed when they were able to say their good-bye in the privacy and comfort of their homes.


We provide

Examinations and Vaccinations

Chronic Disease Management

Non Life-threatening Injury and Illness Treatment

Diagnostic & Laboratory Testing

o Blood, urine, and fecal testing, blood pressure, cytology, cultures, biopsy
o Radiographs and ultrasound

Surgery and Dentistry

My fully-equipped mobile veterinary surgery unit includes a surgery room, Sevoflurane anesthesia, anesthetic monitoring equipment, an oxygen concentrator, back-up oxygen tank, HotDog patient warming system, dental scaler/polisher/high-speed drill, digital dental radiology, radiographs and ultrasound and my dog patients’ favorite….. a motorized exam table that lowers to 11″ so they can hop on and ride up for their exams.