Examinations, age-appropriate diagnostic screening, vaccinations based on lifestyle, nutrition counseling, and preventative medicine for puppies/kittens, adults, seniors, and geriatric pets.


Examinations, appropriate diagnostics and treatment plans. If your pet’s issue is too significant to handle at your home, you will be referred to a local general or specialty veterinary practice for hospitalization and/or surgical needs.


Over the years I have found that families and pets are more comfortable and less stressed when they were able to say their good-bye in the privacy and comfort of their homes.


With the help of my assistant Katie, we provide:

Examinations and Vaccinations

Chronic Disease Management

Non Life-threatening Injury and Illness Treatment

Diagnostic & Laboratory Testing

o Blood, urine, and fecal testing, blood pressure, cytology, culture, biopsy
o Radiographs and ultrasound

Health Certificates


We deliver prescription medications to our clients.

Surgery and Dentistry

I drive a fully-equipped mobile veterinary hospital that includes:

  1. Separate surgery room
  2. Sevoflurane anesthesia machine
  3. Anesthetic monitors
  4. Oxygen concentrator and back-up oxygen tank
  5. HotDog patient warming system
  6. Dental scaler, polisher, and high-speed drill
  7. Digital dental radiology, allowing detection of dental disease below the gumline
  8. Dental and surgery instruments
  9. General radiology and ultrasound
  10. Motorized exam table that lowers to 11″ and raises to 48″, making it easier for dogs to hop on the table