Benefits Of House Calls

Less stress for pets

Even happy, confident dogs shiver and refuse treats when taken to treatment rooms for lab tests or vaccines. All pets are happier at home but house calls are particularly helpful for:

  1. Pets who have difficulty walking or getting in and out of cars
  2. Families with young children – no need to juggle kids and pets
  3. Anxious or fearful pets
  4. Immune compromised pets
  5. Multiple pet households

More convenience and less stress for you

More attention, longer appointments, no waiting rooms.

Diagnostic testing at your home

Private personalized care and accessibility

Better communication leads to optimal care for your pet.

Hospice and End of Life Care

Observation of pets in less stressful settings

Collaboration with critical care hospitals and specialists to ensure seamless care of my patients

Costs of examinations, medical care, diagnostic tests, vaccines and medications provided at the time of the exam are comparable to local hospitals.